BIM Content Creation

Every object in BIM is a part of the family — a hierarchy of categories that comprise all construction elements. BIM families include thousands of model components for the floor, walls, doors, stairs, beams, and other elements with varying sizes, shapes, and logical behaviors.

Revit family model creation is an indispensable part of BIM services because it allows manufacturers, designers, engineers, and other stakeholders to adjust object parameters while maintaining their logic.

Professionals use Autodesk Revit software for BIM object library creation. However, building an intelligent parametric model for each element requires precision, experience, and technical expertise.

Powerkh’s BIM content creating services can enhance your workflow and content strategy by:

  • Creating accurate parametric 3D models
  • Improving coordination between parts of a single model or object family
  • Saving your time on adjusting parameters for groups of objects
  • Importing reusable libraries between multiple BIM projects
  • Assessing the functionality and space management for the MEP system

BIM Object Library Creation Process at Powerkh

  1. The client sends the technical documentation.

    Powerkh will analyze your drawings, templates, blueprints, PDF files, and reference images.

  2. Our team will define the family subcategories.

    You can select a suitable template category or order a custom family creation.

  3. We will create the model geometry.

    We will plan the parameters and build an accurate model geometry according to your specifications.

  4. We will assign categories and subcategories.

    Every object will belong to a Revit family type that shares the basic logic.

  5. The client receives Revit family models.

    You will get a library of objects with easily adjustable parameters that can be imported to other projects.

Custom Revit Content Creation Services

The geometric of the Revit model isn’t just precise. It should be parametric, so your team members can easily adjust the setting for any object and category.

Powerkh stands at the forefront of BIM family creation and content library management.

Our Revit content creation services include:

  • Structural families (walls, columns, steel sections, beams, joints, stiffeners).
  • Mechanical families (pipes, heating, ventilation, air conditioning units).
  • Architectural families (casework, doors, windows, partitions, railing, furniture).
  • MEP families (pumps, valves, fire dampers, electrical devices, cabinets).
  • Sophisticated families based on client’s specifications.
  • Import and management of BIM families.

Advantages of Revit Content Creation Services at Powerkh

Powerkh can create BIM models and object libraries for any construction project.

If you outsource your Revit Creation project to us, you’ll get:

  • Broad Experience

    Our vetted professionals know how to create high-quality BIM models with varying detail levels (LOD 100 to LOD 400/500).

  • Fast and Accurate Turnaround

    Revit family creation is a rudimentary process, but our expertise helps us deliver results faster than the competition.

  • Custom-Tailored Families

    We find pre-built solutions based on your specifications and build custom Revit families if there are no available options according to cutsheets.

  • Scalable Models

    You can use our accurate and easily adjustable models in other BIM projects, allowing you to save resources and improve productivity.

Our Project Samples

Powerkh produces Revit content for renowned construction and manufacturing companies. Our projects include:

Powerkh Expertise Can Save Your Time and Money

Are you looking for a company that can create accurate and easily adjustable Revit families? Powerkh can ensure superior quality and quick turnaround time at a reasonable price. We will be glad to assist you!


  • Powerkh will start working after the project approval. Firstly, you send specifications, technical documentation, and images we can use for reference. Our team will analyze the project’s scope to provide time and budget estimates. After the approval, we will begin working and inform you about updates.

  • We have worked on more than 200 BIM projects with all types of parametric Revit families. Our professionals use advanced Autodesk Revit software and proven workflows to deliver accurate BIM object libraries in the shortest time frame. Additionally, you will get precise estimates at the start of the project.

  • Our team members speak fluent English and can be reached via phone, email, and messaging apps.

  • Powerkh is available from 8:00 to 18:00 (UTC+2), Monday through Friday. Moreover, we can arrange a video conference with you at a convenient time.

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