BIM & VDC Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) take construction management to new heights. However, few companies can successfully move from the conventional approach with flat drawings towards complex 3D modeling.

Powerkh is one of these companies. Our team has vast experience with both traditional and digitalized projects. As such, we can ease the transition and help you out at every stage of construction.

Do you want to improve your project’s success rate and efficiency? Powerkh provides a wide range of Revit BIM services for various industries. We can audit your workflow and introduce automation solutions to help you perform routine processes three times as fast.

With us at your side, you will rethink how you plan, perform, and coordinate your teams.

Who Can Benefit from BIM Outsourcing Services?

Our virtual design and construction offerings bring benefits to:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Surveyors
  • Consultants
  • On-site teams

How Powerkh Works with Clients

  1. The client contacts our team.

    Reach out to us with your project’s outline and requirements — our experts will get in touch right away.

  2. We will outline the scope.

    We’ll discuss every facet of your project to create a Scope of Work with an accurate budget and time estimates.

  3. The client approves the deliverables.

    After the formalities have been fulfilled, we will immediately begin working on your project.

  4. We do our work.

    Our experts use innovative software and communication tools to deliver fast results while keeping you updated about the progress.

  5. The client’s requirements are met.

    We see to it that your requirements are met as fast as possible.

  6. Ongoing support.

    Powerkh can coordinate your project to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs throughout construction.

Our Customers

Powerkh for BIM Outsourcing Projects

Powerkh can find the right approach to any project — from residential apartments to industrial complexes. No matter how difficult and multifaceted your construction may seem, our experts will help you enhance productivity with innovative BIM solutions and VDC services.

Our partners can expect:

  • Engineering and design experience

    Our specialists understand the design intent and logical links between architectural, structural, and MEP systems.

  • Innovative technological solutions

    We handle complex modeling software to build accurate 3D BIM databases with high detail levels (up to LOD 500).

  • Fast turnaround time

    We use BIM automation and scripting tools to deliver quick results and enhance your productivity.

  • Established workflow

    Powerkh always stays in touch — our team quickly adjusts to deadline shifts and requirement changes.

VDC & BIM Solutions Powered by Expertise

Whether you need an accurate 3D model, detailed shop drawings, or performance-enhancing workarounds — Powerkh can help you with affordable VDC and BIM solutions.
Do you want to entrust your project to experts?