Structural Detailing Services

Construction projects must rely on accurate documentation to avoid costly reworks and missed deadlines. How can you make sure your shop drawings are error-free?

Powerkh provides structural steel detailing services to help you find and resolve design errors and clashes before starting on-site work. Our teams of engineers and developers can refine your 3D models, shop drawings, and other construction documentation. We follow local construction codes and proven design principles to deliver quality results at a lower cost.

You will get a precise library of objects, detailed specifications for every element and system, and statements of production — a full package of documents to begin the manufacturing and construction!

How We Work

  1. The client sends the documentation.

    Our professionals will run through your shop drawings and 3D models to find any conflicting elements and missing information.

  2. We process your documents.

    We use advanced BIM modeling and clash detection software to resolve design conflicts and optimize construction logic.

  3. We create a 3D model and drawings.

    Our team can build a parametric visual database and 2D drawings with data about every object — from walls down to the tiniest screw.

  4. The client receives a detailed BIM model.

    We will deliver an interactive 3D BIM model, design plans, fabrication drawings, BOMs (bills of materials), material takeoff, and other documents.

Our Structural Detailing Services

Powerkh has explicit knowledge of construction logic and interaction between essential elements (metals, especially steel, wood, concrete, and other materials). Our structural detailing solutions help architects, fabricators, engineers, and other stakeholders to work together in a joint effort to make your project a reality.

Our services include:

  • Steel detailing for architectural and structural systems
  • Rebar detailing
  • Detailing for precast and prefabrication elements (hybrid joints, beams, bar joists)
  • Structural 3D BIM detailing
  • Curtain wall detailing
  • Shop (fabrication) drawings
  • Concrete outline drawings
  • BIM coordination services
  • Statements of production (bills of materials, material takeoff, and other documents)
  • Construction strategy development

Why Choose Powerkh as Structural Detailers

Steel detailing is a complex service that involves exact dimensional accuracy for every little detail. However, our refined approach helps us automate recurring tasks to deliver fast and error-free results.

Powerkh delivers affordable steel detailing solutions for commercial and industrial clients in the US, UK, and Europe.

Here’s what you can expect if you outsource structural detailing services to us:

  • Engineering expertise

    Our vetted designers with engineering backgrounds understand how to form logical connections between construction elements.

  • Software mastery

    We use advanced software to build accurate BIM models and translate them into detailed 2D drawings.

  • Fast turnaround time

    Extensive knowledge and BIM automation tools allow us to deliver results faster than the competition.

  • Project coordination

    We know how to optimize your workflow and coordinate your on-site teams to maximize production efficiency.

Our Structural Detailing Projects

Powerkh handled hundreds of BIM projects for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our work includes:

Cost-Effective Structural Detailing Services from Powerkh

Are you looking for a reliable partner? Powerkh delivers accurate 3D models, detailed shop drawings, and affordable structural detailing services. Save costs and eliminate design clashes by entrusting your BIM project to our capable hands!


  • We have a fast turnaround time that depends on the project’s complexity and required services. Furthermore, we will provide accurate time estimates after evaluating your specifications.

  • You will get a set of documents with exhaustive information about material requirements and fabrication instructions. The package includes shop & fabrication drawings, BOMs (bill of materials), and material takeoff that you can use for prefabrication and construction.

  • Powerkh offers a wide range of BIM services for clients across the globe. We have delivered detailing services for clients in the US, UK, and Europe. Moreover, we follow key international steel construction standards.

  • Our team specializes in Steel, Rebar, Precast, and Facade detailing. Moreover, we have extensive experience in BIM modeling and coordination services. We will supply you with all documentation to start on-site work. Additionally, we can support your project from start to finish.

  • Powerkh uses Autodesk Revit, Dynamo, AutoCAD, SYNCHRO Pro, Solibri, and Tekla (depending on the project).

  • We encourage communication with stakeholders and respond to your questions during working hours. Our team is fluent in English and is available via messaging apps, phone, or email. Additionally, we can schedule a video conference at a time convenient for you..

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