/Case Studies

Formwork design automation


Our client is a concrete subcontractor from California, USA


Our client had to deal with an inefficient formwork design process. They utilized CAD technology as the main design tool.

The key challenges were as follows:

  1. Manually updated design
  2. Too much manual work with shoring calculations and BOM generation
  3. Time-consuming 2D coordination and design QC


  • Audit

    We analyzed the company’s design process and suggested switching their projects to BIM.

  • Design

    Our team converted 100+ CAD blocks into 30 parametric families, as well as created Revit templates.

  • Test

    Having tested the formwork BIM design process, we found a number of issues to fix and identified routine tasks that could be automated.

  • Refine

    We developed 12 Dynamo scripts for the most time-consuming tasks and created a formwork structural analysis workflow using Revit-Robot integration and Dynamo scripts.

  • Maintain

    Our engineering team took over the formwork design process and successfully completed 100+ projects, constantly improving the process.


Impact on business

The implementation of the BIM process and design automation helped us achieve the following:

80 %
2 x
4 x

of design errors were fixed

increase in design speed

cheaper design due to BIM automation and lower labor costs

Automate your repetitive design tasks to accelerate engineering lead times