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Floor assembly design automation


Our client is one of the country’s top builders of high-end tailored homes from New York, USA


Our client developed a workflow that allows the construction team to see the drawings during construction on plywood that is part of floor assembly. The workflow included dividing plywood into panels, preparing the files for CNC machines to cut plywood panels along the drawing lines, and creating pattern drawings. The main design tool was Revit, but the client also used AutoCAD to prepare CNC export files. It took three days for one person to go through the whole process. Eager to speed up the process, the client asked us to help automate the workflow.


  • Audit

    By analyzing the client’s design workflow, we determined the processes that could be automated.

  • Design

    Using Dynamo, we made 7 scripts for every subprocess: pattern grid creation, plywood division, parts marking and tagging, projecting elements on plywood panels, making cutouts on panels, exporting to STL and DXF, and deleting secondary elements.

  • Test

    At this stage, we identified issues with scripts and decided which steps to take to correct them.

  • Refine

    We added 2 more scripts to do quality control and remove auxiliary elements.

  • Maintain

    Our team of engineers became responsible for the workflow and its further improvements.


Impact on business

By implementing the set of Dynamo scripts, we created a seamless workflow that outputs STL files for every panel with cutouts representing real elements. We boosted efficiency of the entire process and corrected potential manufacturing issues.


of design and manufacturing errors were fixed

increase in design speed

cheaper design due to automation and lower labor costs

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