Digital Prefabrication & Fabrication

BIM is an integral part of modular construction. Prefabricated (modular) construction is a holistic approach that allows teams to produce and assemble any structure in components ("modules"). However, the design must be impeccable if you want the parts of your construction to fit.

Thankfully, you can automate most rudimentary processes and get accurate virtual prototypes with BIM for prefabrication and fabrication services. Powerkh can create a superset of parametric 3D models and shop drawings for all building elements, including the architectural, structural, and MEP.

Our prefabrication BIM services have undeniable advantages for architects, engineers, and structural consultants. We can help you improve:

  • Turnaround time. The manufacturing and on-site works happen simultaneously in modular construction, improving productivity by up to 50 percent.
  • Flexibility. Your project won’t slow down because of a materials shortage or lack of construction specialists with relevant qualifications near your site.
  • Safety. Prefabrication construction reduces the risk of accidents because most of the work will be done off-site in factory-controlled environments.
  • Sustainability. Preplanned assembly cuts down site disturbance and the amount of waste produced.
  • Accuracy. Prefab BIM modeling delivers 3D models and 2D drawings for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing.

How We Deliver BIM Prefabrication & Fabrication

  1. The client sends technical documentation.

    We analyze drawings, cutsheets, plans, as well as the limitations and specifications of your project.

  2. We create a parametric 3D model.

    Our experts use advanced software and an extensive object database to build a BIM for structural modular construction, as well as architectural and MEP systems.

  3. The client receives a BIM project and production drawings.

    We will deliver accurate 3D models that you can use for CNC fabrication.

  4. We guide you through the project.

    Powerkh can coordinate your construction project and boost your productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

Our BIM Services for Prefabrication & Fabrication

Powerkh offers a wide range of BIM services for modular construction projects. Our team can create an exhaustive 3D object database for the entire project — from walls and beams to the tiniest screw.

We offer:

  • BIM prefabrication for CNC manufacturing
  • Autodesk Revit BIM development
  • Shop drawings
  • Design drafting based on 3D BIM models
  • Model coordination (LOD 100 to LOD 400/500)
  • Automation and design-to-fabrication workflows
  • BIM coordination and clash detection services

Powerkh’s Expertise for BIM Prefabrication & Fabrication

Our modular BIM models and precise drawings can align engineers, fabricators, and construction teams’ efforts.

With us at your side, you can expect:

  • Varied experience

    We have delivered BIM/VDC services for the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

  • Advanced software

    Our professionals have mastered advanced BIM modeling software (Autodesk Revit, Dynamo, SYNCHRO Pro, Solibri, Tekla).

  • Project support

    We can develop schematic designs, support manufacturing, implement scripting solutions, and coordinate your project.

  • Engineering & design background

    We understand the designer’s intent and propose optimal solutions to your problems.

Our Prefabrication & Fabrication Projects

Powerkh works with manufacturers and construction companies across all industries. Here are some of our BIM prefabrication projects:

Streamlined Workflow with BIM Prefabrication Services

Do you want to improve your manufacturing process and speed up the design? Our BIM prefabrication & coordination services can become an indispensable tool for your project’s success! Don’t put off your call — contact Powerkh to learn how we can improve your workflow.


  • Powerkh can deliver as-built models and drawings for every element and system in your BIM project. That includes parametric 3D models for walls, roofs, stairs, beams, floors, doors, windows, and furniture. Furthermore, every object will contain data for CNC manufacturing.

  • Our experience allows us to build interactive BIM models for prefabrication faster than most competitors. Nonetheless, our delivery time depends on the complexity of your project. We will provide precise estimates after our experts analyze your requirements.

  • Yes, you can use our data libraries, scripts, and schematic designs across multiple construction projects. We also offer BIM coordination services to help you improve team collaboration and workflow.

  • Powerkh uses an hourly pricing model. We provide accurate estimates before beginning the work and charge you only after delivering the project.

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