BIM Coordination & Clash Detection

Back in the day, design specialists used tracing paper to check the compatibility of architectural, structural, and MEP systems. As a result, many clashes become known on-site, which leads to re-works, slows projects, and inflates the budget.

BIM coordination allows designers to use interactive 3D models to eliminate conflicts in design and mitigate risks during the construction phase.

Powerkh can evaluate your entire construction according to the project’s documentation, visual references, and technical specifications. Our BIM coordination services include clash detection, constructability reviews, coordination meetings, and other solutions to keep your project on track.

BIM Coordination Process at Powerkh

  1. The client uploads flat drawings and templates.

    You will send us blueprints for your project’s structural, architectural, and MEP systems.

  2. Our team can prepare a 3D model of your project (upon request).

    Powerkh transforms flat drawings into an interactive 3D database.

  3. We will verify the drawings.

    Our team will check how the construction disciplines coordinate with each other.

  4. We will check your project for clashes.

    We flag interfering elements using various advanced BIM modeling tools, including Revit and Navisworks clash detection software.

  5. The client receives exhaustive reports.

    We will notify you about clashes and suggest how to resolve them.

  6. We will guide you through the project.

    Our team can coordinate your efforts during the construction phase to reduce the project’s turnaround time and production expenses.

Our BIM Coordination & Clash Detection Services

Powerkh’s team uses Autodesk Revit models for coordination in Navisworks clash detection software to create accurate construction plans.

The BIM and Revit coordination services we provide include:

  • BIM clash detection. Our experts will run Autodesk Revit software to flag inconsistencies in your project, ensuring all building elements work perfectly.
  • MEP elements coordination. Powerkh can resolve constructability issues in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.
  • Coordination meetings. We hold meetings with engineers, consultants, and architects to help them resolve interferences with BIM modeling software.
  • Clash detection reports. Our reports help stakeholders avoid recurring design errors during the project’s life span.
  • Coordinated construction model. We can produce an accurate, coordinated project blueprint that will help you finish your project faster with fewer resources.

Powerkh Adds Value to Your Project

We do more than detecting clashes and generating reports — we know how to resolve your problems and improve the construction project. Powerkh will coordinate your project to help you reduce expenses and improve turnaround time.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Engineering expertise

    Our professionals have a wide range of engineering qualifications to optimize drawings and 3D construction models.

  • Technological proficiency

    We use advanced BIM modeling and clash detection software to eliminate design errors before construction begins.

  • Legislative framework

    Our experts will ensure that your project’s elements adhere to governmental requirements and standards.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Many companies reduced work hours and production costs by following our proven methodologies and software solutions.

Check Our Projects

Powerkh has worked on more than 200 successful BIM projects. Some of our work includes:

Reduce Construction Costs with BIM Coordination Services

Powerkh delivers affordable off-site BIM coordination services for construction and design projects of varying complexity. We know how to keep the customer engaged with minimal participation. Drop us a call if you want to put the coordination of your project in capable hands!


  • The turnaround time depends on your project’s scope, complexity, and number of drawings. Our vetted team uses the latest BIM clash detection software to find and flag problems as fast as possible.

  • Powerkh uses Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Dynamo, SYNCHRO Pro, and Tekla Structures for BIM coordination.

  • Our company offers BIM coordination services at an extremely competitive rate. We will charge you based on an hourly fee but only after delivering our work. On top of that, working with a reliable vendor is significantly less expensive than implementing BIM into your workflow from scratch.

  • BIM is a collaborative process, so we prefer when the client’s team is involved in the coordination. Furthermore, we will always keep you informed about important project updates.

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