BIM Automation & Scripting

Every construction project is a challenge. Most design processes prove to be too expensive and time-consuming when done manually. Nonetheless, you can minimize errors by implementing BIM design automation and scripting tools.

Powerkh can help you optimize redundant design processes with advanced scripts, templates, and algorithms. Our outsourced BIM automation services will elevate BIM processes and improve coordination between structural, architectural, and MEP project disciplines. And here’s the best part — you can apply our Revit templates and Dynamo scripts in other BIM projects!

BIM Automation & Scripting at Powerkh

  1. We audit the client.

    Powerkh will analyze the design process and workflow according to your specifications.

  2. Our team will identify shortcomings.

    We will pinpoint repetitive tasks and rudimentary processes.

  3. We will create solutions.

    Our experts perform Revit BIM automation & scripting (using Dynamo) to solve your problems.

  4. We run numerous tests.

    Powerkh runs multiple tests to fine-tune scripts and improve the design process.

  5. The client receives tailored solutions.

    We will help you adapt to new workflows and show how our scripts automate recurring tasks.

Our BIM Automation Services

Powerkh can replace manual, tedious operations with automated processes via advanced scripts and proven methodologies.

We offer:

  • BIM automation for modeling, reporting, and clash detection
  • Integration with Autodesk Revit
  • Advanced Revit functionality with Dynamo plug-in
  • BIM scripting with Dynamo tool
  • Standardization across Revit projects
  • Workflow optimization
  • Enhanced generative design in Revit

Advantages of Powerkh’s BIM Process Automation Services

We know how to Automate BIM modeling to improve design productivity and reduce the risk of errors.

As our partner, you can expect:

  • Augmented project output

    Our BIM process automation services allow us to eliminate up to 90% of design errors and improve Revit functionality.

  • Relevant experience

    We possess the necessary engineering and software knowledge to enhance your BIM project.

  • Faster turnaround time

    Powerkh’s automated operations help our clients achieve a dramatic 500% increase in design speed.

  • Customer experience

    We work closely with your team to help them improve the design, manufacturing, and construction phases.

Our BIM Automation Projects

Our data-driven solutions helped companies complete more than 200 BIM projects in various industries. Our works include:

Automate Your BIM Models with Powerkh!

Do you want to improve the design and management processes for your BIM projects? Powerkh can find the gaps in your workflow and enhance them with cost-effective solutions. Talk with our experts to learn more about our BIM automation & scripting services!


  • We charge hourly for BIM automation services. The price for our works depends mostly on the project’s complexity. However, we will provide a free quote after analyzing your requirements.

  • Our team works with Autodesk Revit, BIM 360, and Dynamo.

  • We guarantee the total safety of your business data. Our team utilizes firewall software, VPN services, and data encryption tools to protect your files. Moreover, we can sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) upon your request.

  • Powerkh works closely with every client. We don’t just create templates, scripts, and methodologies — we also make sure your team can adapt to new workflows!

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