Architectural Rendering Services

The latest rendering software can easily visualize real estate in a photorealistic environment. However, capable hands can make buildings, apartments, and product designs shine in a whole new light. Literally.

Powerkh is a digital design consultancy company with a profound experience and architectural background. We offer various services, including BIM, VDC, and architectural 3d rendering.

Architectural visualization is a significant part of our business. We are dynamically developing in this niche, which led us to create Jazzrender — a stand-alone architectural visualization company. You can learn more about our architectural rendering services at

Our experts can model your project in the tiniest details with impeccable lighting and camera angles.

What can you get out of our interior & exterior architectural rendering services?

  • Enhance your project's presentation.
  • Sell your real estate objects and other products faster.
  • Win design contests and architectural competitions.
  • Get your projects on the public’s radar and attract new investors.

How Powerkh Creates Architectural Renderings

  1. The client reaches out to us.

    You can fill the form on our website, and we will get back to you immediately.

  2. We outline the project plan.

    We discuss the deliverables and specifications, such as resolutions, camera angles, textures, and lighting.

  3. We receive reference materials.

    You will provide us with a 3D model of your project with optional architectural drawings, photos, and other reference materials.

  4. You receive the first draft.

    We start working on a model and provide the first draft in advance to incorporate your feedback into the final design.

  5. The client gets the final project.

    Our team delivers final 2D & 3D architectural renders within a specified time (or sooner).

What We Offer:

Powerkh offers a wide variety of 3D architectural rendering services for companies in the US, UK, and Europe.

You can order:

  • Interior Rendering. Our interior architectural rendering services include high-quality 3D models for offices and separate rooms.
  • Exterior Rendering. We can transform architectural plans and reference images into photorealistic digital models of buildings with wonderful lighting.
  • Floor Plans. Add a new dimension to your shop drawings to reduce errors during construction and renovation.
  • House & Condo Rendering. We produce accurate architectural visualizations for private houses, apartments, and condominiums.
  • 2D/3D Animations. See your project from a new perspective with stunning 2D and 3D walkthroughs and aerial animations.
  • Walkthroughs. We can deliver an interactive 360-degree viewing experience and virtual reality tours of your property.
  • Aerial Rendering. Our flythrough animations and aerial 3D renders can show how your building fits into the surrounding landscape.
  • Drafting & Modeling. We work with major software applications to create renderings from client's 3D models.
  • Product Rendering. Our experts can help you visualize product mockups, promo materials, and prototypes.
  • Night & Day View Rendering. Let prospective buyers see your real estate with near-perfect lighting and camera angles.

Why Choose Powerkh?

Our team can transform your ideas and sketches into thought-out photorealistic renders and designs.

As our partner, you can expect:


    We make accurate time estimates right after you submit the brief. You always get your renderings in time.


    We deliver an innovative and cost-effective way to visualize your project with high-quality architectural renders.


    Armed with top-notch technical skills, our specialists understand the design intent and make realistic CGI visualizations.


    Working on projects across industries, we deliver exceptional architectural visualization services within a reasonable price range.

Our Project Samples

Powerkh has produced over 1000 3D architectural rendering images and animations. Here are some projects from our portfolio:

You can see more of our successful architectural rendering projects at

Outsource 3D & Architectural Rendering Projects to Powerkh

Do you want to engage your customers on a whole new level? Powerkh can add significant value to your projects with its spectacular, accurate 2D & 3D renderings. Contact us today to get your project going!


  • The delivery time for our 3D renders depends on the project’s scope, complexity, and reference materials provided. Usually, interior architectural renderings take five days to complete, whereas complex commercial building render needs a couple of weeks. If you have hard deadlines, please let us know about them upfront so that we could optimize our workload.

  • The price tag of a render depends on the type of service and the client’s requirements. Overall, our pricing is more reasonable compared to the industry average. We usually charge $800 for one 3D architectural rendering image. In any case, our work will start with a consultation and a free follow-up quote for your project.

  • We can create accurate architectural renderings from a 3D project in BIM or CAD software (Revit, Archicad, Sketchup, or other programs). Afterward, we convert the model to 3ds Max and use its tools to create a render. Alternatively, our specialists can make a model using architectural drawings (in DWG, PDF, and other file formats) and reference images.

  • Our models are highly customizable. Depending on the type of service, we consult with the client and agree on:

    • Landscape
    • Environment
    • Location
    • Textures
    • Design styles
    • Furnishing
    • Fixtures
    • Camera
    • Lighting
    • Camera angles
    • And other settings
  • Our clients can stay in touch throughout our collaboration. You can track the rendering progress via a secure cloud platform where you can also ask for adjustments or set new tasks. We’re committed to our customers’ success, so the project cost includes two revisions.

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