7 Benefits of BIM Services in Construction

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The traditional approach to construction is rarely the best one. Projects depending on shop drawings, flat schemes, and tracing paper often do not go according to plan.

Technological advances in modeling can offer many advantages for the industry. For this reason, many US construction companies are using BIM to save costs on their projects.

Do you want to learn how BIM helps in the construction industry? Keep reading to find out! While we're at it, we'll go through the potential disadvantages of BIM modeling and see how you can avoid them with the right company.

What problems can you solve with BIM services?

Many companies rely on 2D plans and old communication technologies to manage their construction projects. This approach is far from ideal because shop drawings contain many inaccuracies. A single design flaw at the planning stage can delay construction and increase your budget exponentially.

BIM is an intelligent 3D-based modeling process that can take your project to the next level. How BIM helps in construction?

An accurate, interactive 3D BIM model can help you plan, design, and manage construction more efficiently. You will waste less time and resources on:

  • Unrealistic estimates
  • High risks of going over budget
  • Time-consuming manual operations
  • Ineffective communication tools
  • Constructability issues in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Unexpected design clashes at later stages of construction

Now, how can BIM services help you deal with these problems?

Benefits of BIM

BIM technology provides advantages for architects, designers, engineers, and project managers. How significant are they? Let’s see.

  • 01 Accurate plans and shop drawings

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    Design oversights and clashes can halt your project. Most 2D plans and shop drawings are inaccurate, but often, builders don’t realize the problem until the construction phase.

    BIM tools allow planners to create accurate interactive 3D databases with information about every object. You can even visualize how the finished structure will look with different lighting. The best part — BIM software can help you plan the parameters for every detail in the building down to the smallest nail.

  • 02 Workflow optimization

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    Many construction processes are redundant and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be better to automate them instead of performing them manually?

    BIM service providers can identify gaps in your workflow and optimize processes with proven methodologies, templates, and scripts. Thanks to automation, you will reduce design errors and speed up the project.

  • 03 Fast turnaround time

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    You can improve turnaround time with the right BIM applications in construction. One of these applications is prefabricated (modular) construction technology.

    BIM stands at the core of prefabricated construction. Modular software allows designers to build highly accurate 3D models for computer numerical control manufacturing. By pre-producing parts of the structure in factory-controlled environments, you will reduce on-site errors and system crashes that often result in expensive corrections.

    Professional designers can use BIM in construction to create parametric 3D models. Parametric modeling allows them to change parameters for certain object groups without reworking the entire project design. As a result, you’ll be able to modify your project much faster.

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  • 04 Lower costs

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    No one can make a model that is 100% accurate right away. Every construction project will go through multiple evaluations and adjustments. Using BIM tools allows you to create highly accurate 3D models and reduce errors by automating most recurring tasks.

    Advanced BIM solutions can help you identify soft and hard clashes in your project at the early stages of the project’s life cycle. As a result, you will reduce reworks in design and construction. But how much can it reduce your costs?

    According to the 2018 Benefit-Cost Analysis of BIM in a Railway Site, implementing BIM technology can result in a 1.3 benefit-cost ratio by eliminating potential reworks. In other words, your production can become about 30% more cost-effective.

  • 05 Precise estimates

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    BIM modeling experts can refine your shop drawings, 3D models, and construction documentation to help you identify precise budget and time estimates. How exactly is BIM used in construction for creating estimates?

    BIM technology allows you to use easy-to-understand specifications for architectural, design, and structural elements. You’ll have a 3D library of objects, as well as complete documentation, including Bills of Materials and Material Takeoffs.

    What does that mean? In short, the right BIM service vendor will help you plan all expenses and tasks much more accurately than with regular shop drawings.

  • 06 Effective data exchange

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    Construction projects depend on communication. BIM software can effectively improve cooperation between stakeholders by reducing distractions such as emails and phone calls.

    The 2020 BIM for Improved Project Communication Networks research proves that interpersonal information exchange in BIM projects is easier and faster compared to regular construction projects.

    Instead of relying on countless messages, you and your partners will use a virtual board with easily trackable and manageable tasks with the ability to add notes. In addition, different teams will be able to work on your model simultaneously via a secure cloud platform.

  • 07 Safer construction process

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    Workplace health and safety is another crucial concern. According to the 2020 Construction Statistics, the construction industry has the most work-related physical illnesses across all sectors. Even worse, 20% of all fatalities in the US private sector in 2019 were in construction.

    The industry is overflowing with traditional injury-prevention strategies. These strategies, however, are most effective during the planning and pre-construction phases.

    BIM can help reduce the risk of accidents by using prefabrication. This technique moves most of the workload from the building site to a controlled environment, allowing you to make the process much safer.

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Disadvantages of BIM outsourcing

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Despite the positive impact of BIM on the construction management industry, the technology isn't perfect. Here's what some people consider to be its primary drawbacks:

  • 01 Demanding technology

    BIM is not just 3D modeling software. BIM technology is a set of software tools and methodologies, which are used to model graphical and non-graphical interactive databases during the entire life cycle of the project.

    The components that make up a BIM can evolve during the project’s development phase. Some of the most popular modeling tools include expensive premium software such as:

    • Autodesk Revit
    • Navisworks
    • Dynamo
    • SYNCHRO Pro
    • Solibri
    • Tekla

    Companies wanting to embrace BIM should plan to invest resources to find and vet talent. You will also need a lot of time and money to train your staff.

    BIM is a long-term investment. You shouldn’t expect to optimize workload on your first project. Unless, of course, you hire a BIM service provider.

  • 02 Reliant on cooperation

    Using BIM services requires active engagement and regular input from stakeholders. All parties have to be willing to invest their time and resources to make a BIM project perform as it should. Your project may face complications if one of your subcontractors is new to the technology or doesn’t understand the advantages of BIM for construction, but there is a solution.

    The right BIM company can offer proven workflow design and cloud solutions to coordinate projects remotely and in real-time. You’ll be able to coordinate the efforts of your engineers, consultants, designers, and architects to improve your productivity during all stages of construction.

  • 03 Lack of experts

    Creating an accurate BIM model requires in-depth technical skills with various modeling software. You also need knowledgeable engineering and design professionals to check the compatibility of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

    Many BIM design firms can create a 3D model that works on paper. But only qualified experts with relevant experience can ensure that your construction model is technically feasible.

Where to find BIM experts?

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When people say BIM is not necessary for their project, they mean that it’s too complex for them. However, the right company can do the modeling for you.

But finding the right BIM company for your construction project can be difficult. To make the most out of BIM technology, you need to consider the following:

  • Engineering qualifications. Experts with an engineering background will understand your designs and be able to transform your flat drawings into fully realized 3D models.
  • Value for the money. Some companies may charge high prices, but you will spend less overall if design problems are identified and fixed as early as possible.
  • Experience in design. The right provider will know how to resolve your problems and help you stay within your budget.
  • Legislative knowledge. Companies with legal experts on their team can ensure that your project adheres to local and governmental standards.
  • Track record A company with relevant case studies is much more likely to help you improve your project.

You won’t have to go far to work with a company that checks all these boxes.

Powerkh is a professional digital design consultancy partner that offers a wide range of BIM services. Our experts can find and resolve issues in your design and optimize your workflow with proven methodologies.


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BIM in construction can be the only thing standing between a successful project and a stalled construction. When used appropriately, BIM software can help you make smarter design choices, optimize labor, and reduce operating costs.

Do you want to enhance your next project with proven technological solutions? Powerkh has completed over 200 BIM projects for industry-leading companies. Our portfolio includes modeling for apartments, residential buildings, and industrial complexes. Contact us to learn more about our BIM modeling services and our successful projects.

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